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Look beyond the label from British Red Cross on Vimeo.

Kampagnenwoche für das Britische Rote Kreuz.
Beachtenswert wie clever hier web 2.0 eingesetzt wird – das gefällt!


Imagine for a moment what it’s like having no home and no country. You’re not welcome in the place you were born, grew up and forged a life. It’s gone and with it so too has your identity. The only people who know who you really are, they’ve gone too. You’re on your own.

This year we’re asking you to participate in Refugee Week by changing your online status. We want you to show your support on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter etc., by changing your profile, status and identity for the entire week.

The best way you can show your support is by changing your online status and profile during Refugee Week. This will identifty you as a supporter and encourage others to acknowledge the important issue of refugee identity. Simply download the status pack or packs you want and follow the instructions. It only takes a moment to change your status and make a lasting contribution to the lives of refugees in the UK.

Find out more at http://www.lookbeyondthelabel.org

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